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14th of Golden Lake street,DanShui town,HuiYang city,Guangdong,China
Postal Code:526211

Tong Yu Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Huizhou is located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta,200km
west of Guangzhou City,100 kilometers south to Hong Kong,sea and air transport. Factory covers an area
of 80,000 square,plant area of 90,000 square feet,plant clean and spacious and beautiful environment.
Currently employs approximately 200 people with an annual production capacity of about 120,000 sticks.
Wooden classical,folk,electronic high-quality guitar manufacturing company,the company has a set of
R&D,production and sales organizations.Have participated in many international musical instrument
show.And the United States,Germany,Korea,Japan,Thailand,Russia,the Philippines,and Brazil,more
than 20 foreign customers do business with.

Tong yu instruments produced by "Amos" brand guitar is probably the best source is proud of its excellent
sound and comfortable feel. Pass almost all the customers have praised the quality of the guitar-yu,visited
the plant to any customer for our complete line of drying equipment,delicate craft and detail are very
satisfied with the treatment,which is what we Tong Yu Instruments "great care,but my character" can best
be corroborated.

Tung-Yu instrument fully functional R&D department is to provide the customer the most rapid and efficient
development team is currently Tong Yu instrument R&D department can be completed in the shortest time
a new client entrusted guitar pattern,Tung-Yu introduced a complete set of instruments computerized
management system,and high-level guitar and Japan co-production plant,which makes cross-Tung
Yu-guitar instruments guitar to a higher quality of the area.

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